Friday, May 7, 2010

Dr. Steve Brule, For Your Health

Sometimes in life, you just have to eat ice cream. Sometimes in life, though, you need to eat something healthy.

And, sometimes in life, you can do both! Those are the best times.

I played with this recipe to make dessert out of my favorite combo in the history of the world: bananas and chocolate. It is so magical and delicious and... drumroll... good for you. Or, at least, not bad. Yeah! It's not bad at all.

Who needs a plate to cut things? Bananas come with their own containers.

So you toss those puppies in a blender.

You don't hear that sentence every day!

And add some cocoa powder.

I also squirted in some reduced sugar chocolate syrup because one kind of chocolate is never enough, and also threw in a blob of peanut butter for protein/tastiness. And while the white girl in me would definitely have used honey or raw sugar to sweeten the rest of it, the slightly less white girl used xylitol because that's what we have. It's weird, I know. But it works!

You have to blend the living daylight out of it but when you do, it will be so smooth and freeze up a lot like real ice cream!

It definitely could have stood to freeze a little longer, but let's be real: I wanted to eat it.

Sooooo good. (And I wish I had a macro lens.) And that, my dear friends, is my take on Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream-less.

And then, for the more savory side of life, I found this snack to attempt and I think it's a good choice. Chickpeas = fiber. And they are good for more than hummus!

First, ya grease the sheet. I hope your arm looks as beautiful as mine does in pictures.

Cumin smells sooooo good. I want that. I got a little carried away with the cayenne pepper, but we'll all float on alright.

I didn't have chickpeas, so I committed a major heresy and used pigeon peas. I know, I'm sorry. I had no choice! :(

They were a little small; chickpeas would be better.

But I wouldn't knock these too hard!

These would be good on a salad, or soup, or straight off the pan. You should have Spicy Roasted Pigeon Peas sometime!

Lesson: snacks can be good for you! Make one next time you want something that makes you feel all vegan and raw and ethical. Wear TOMs and have a good day.