Saturday, April 16, 2011

Calling All Stereotypical Policemen!

Attention co-blogger/favorite foodie/fellow ambasador-ess of Christ, Katelyn: the tally is looking a little heavy on my side, woman! ;) Sorry, girl, I just had to try something new today, which was a weird fancy that struck me in the middle of writing a paper.

I was sitting in the library, minding my own business, when a dear friend of mine named Kevin told me he was sorry he didn't answer me, he had to go throw a doughnut off the balcony to his roommate. As awesome as that is, what I got out of that story was: I want some stinking doughnuts. I haven't had one in literally forever; I can't remember my last doughnut. But they are so wonderful and delicious. Unfortunately, I do not have a fryer or other seemingly necessary doughnut supplies.

However, what I did have already were some overripe bananas and a baking sheet. Baked doughnuts! Of course! I know that they are real!

I googled baked banana doughnuts, and sure enough found something promising! I am not sure if I'm surprised to have found a recipe for these or not. Either way, it was on a blog I've already discovered and loved, on Oh She Glows. It's a really super easy recipe to follow!

They aren't the most round, bakery-shop worthy doughnuts that I made, but I like to call them "rustic." And they taste pretty darn good! I think I could have made mine a little bigger just so they'd have more fluff in the middle, but they still taste banana-y and delicious, especially with a little peanut butter smeared on top and a cup of coffee.

That wonderful sugar baked on top! Mmmmm. Yep, this did just fine for a doughnut fix, and a healthy one at that.

Katelynnnnnn, surprise me, girl! I'm on the edge of my seat!

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  1. "Rustic" LOL. These look scrumptious. I want that.


    You are so inspiring.