Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today, Katelyn is a Flax Muffin.

It is a moment long anticipated...

I know. I know that all followers have waited and groaned for the year of our Lord's favor: the time in which I would join Lara in blessing each of your hungering stomachs with our innate kitchen prowess. Together. United.

Dear pilgrim, wait no longer.

I spent a lot of time in preparation for this day. WHAT WOULD I CONCOCT?? Finally, I was sauteing some swiss chard in cognac the other day when it hit me.

Rainbow cake.

So simple, yet so elegant! How could I resist??

I don't know what life was like before rainbow cake- probably pretty dismal, if I could remember. It's kind of hard to visit that place in my mind.

The recipe is absolutely fool-proof. You would need to leave the dough out too long or mix up the wrong colors to mess it up. But hey! You can always get new dough...

You could eat it. But it's just so darn pretty to look at.

It probably wouldn't be very good for you either.

Especially when you feel like a flax muffin.

The other day, a good friend of mine sent me quite the ominous text: "I have a very important question to ask you." After days and days of tortuous waiting, laboring in prayer, and weeping, she finally relented and asked.

"What kind of muffin are you?"

Wow. I had never even THOUGHT about this!! It opened up a whole new spectrum of ideas. I think it depends on the day, ya know? Some days you're a good ol' banana nut muffin. Other days you're a little spunkier so maybe you've got some blueberry in your stride. Today, I am a flax muffin. Kind of boring, probably healthy, and on the serious side. Mmmmm- FLAX.

The question is worth some serious thought! Give it a try!

So anyways, hello Lara's blog! My name is Katelyn and I like to get excited and make stuff. Most of the time it is actual food, so sorry about this entry. It's finals week for me, so gimme a little grace, ok? And one BIG FAT THANK YOU to the lovely and beautiful Lara Dickerson for allowing me to join her in the quest for food-awesomery via le web!! :) You are numero jedan in my book, lil bona!




  1. Lolololololol <3 I love you sooooo much, no one else can make me laugh this hard in the morning

  2. I feel like apple cinnamon so far today btw

  3. apple cinnamon! mmmm. hearty, satisfying, warm, inviting, alluring, simple elegance. Lara.

  4. I feel like a Perkins Mammoth Muffin. Blueberry. Partly due to mammoth=the freshman 15, but also because of the crunchy sugary topping! (maybe its just me craving one)

  5. Ooh I love those! Excellent choice!